Renovating the kitchen is the most popular type of major renovation in a home since the industry is keep changing fast and new appliance with new technology becomes available.

It also increases the value of the home on the market.

about kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations can be done for increasing space, updating appliances and cabinetry or other reasons based on owners needs.

There are three types of renovations: Cosmetic, Remove and Re-install and Custom renovation. Your kitchen renovations can be one or combination of two of these categories.

cosmetic kitchen renovation

A cosmetic kitchen renovation replaces easily removed items. This might include things such as a new countertop, new tiled backsplash, new appliances, new hardware on your cabinet doors and drawer fronts or a new coat of paint in the kitchen.

remove and reinstall renovation

The remove and reinstall renovation takes the cosmetic renovation one step further. With this type we remove items and re-install them in exactly the same location. For example: removing kitchen cabinets and reinstalling new ones in exactly the same place. This means that your sink, fridge and stove stay in the same spot and the layout of your kitchen doesn’t change. You might want to replace cabinets, hardware, or countertops, backsplash, light fixtures, appliances and flooring.

Costume Renovation

Costume Renovation is the type of renovation to create more space, open up the space or completely change the layout of your kitchen.

This renovation includes things like redesigning the layout of your kitchen. A custom kitchen renovation will often involve opening up or moving walls, might mean moving the fridge, stove or sink. It might also involve getting rid of the breakfast area in order to enlarge the size of the kitchen. With a custom renovation, you are usually needing to improve the function of the kitchen.

Not sure how to renovate your kitchen?!