HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

What is it for?

This system provides heating and cooling to residential and commercial buildings. There are four main types of HVAC systems. There are split systems, hybrid systems, duct-free systems, and packaged heating and air systems.

Heating and cooling split systems

Heating and cooling split systems are known to be the most common types of HVAC systems. As the name suggests it is split into two separate units, one serves the purpose of heating and the other one is for cooling. It is to be noted that these systems come with indoor and outdoor units that can be easily identified.

Hybrid split system

The hybrid system of HVACs carries similar features to the split systems but they do have some basic differences. This particular HVAC system carries a hybrid heating system which is counted as one of its unique features that helps lowering energy costs. It is up to the homeowners to set the key differences.

The capacity to switch between gas power, which is faster and more complete, to electricity which is more efficient and quieter, allows homeowners to determine the way they want to heat up their homes.

Duct free (Mini-split)

A duct-free or mini-split system comes with a huge upfront cost and a list of benefits for particular needs and applications. It offers an amazing solution for areas where conventional ducted systems are not suitable. It can also be a great alternative to the existing ducted types of HVAC systems.

Duct free units are usually installed directly into the particular areas of a home where heating and cooling are needed.

Packaged heating and air conditioning system

A packaged HVAC system contains everything including the compressor, condenser and evaporator in a single unit which is usually placed on the roof or near the foundation. It fulfills both the cooling and heating needs of a house.

Its compact size makes it an appropriate option for houses with a space crunch. This HVAC system is very much efficient and easy to maintain.  As its heating system is not as powerful as other options, it is generally used in a warmer climate.

You can find HVAC systems anywhere from single-family homes to apartments and commercial spaces.

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