Ceramics and Tiles

What is it for?

Ceramic tiles are a mixture of clays and other natural materials, such as sand, quartz and water. They are primarily used as bathroom wall and kitchen floor surfaces. They are easy to fit, easy to clean, easy to maintain and are available at reasonable prices.

Also,Ceramic tile helps to reduce your energy use by keeping your house cooler in the summers. Ceramic wall tiles add some insulating qualities to your home for the winter. There are many different type such as glazed, unglazed and porcelain, which we are here to help you to choose the best one for your needs.

There are some advantages to different tiles and ceramics that you should keep in mind: Environmentally friendly, Completely sanitary, Anti-allergy, Waterproof, Hard cover and resistant to various factors such as strike, Luminance and a special effect doubling the beauty, Available in a wide range of colors and styles and The need for very little repair and simple maintenance.

There are other options available such as Travertine which is a type of white limestone, that is used as a porous natural stone in the architecture and interior decoration industry

Travertine is one of the rocks with very high resistance, so it is used both for exterior and the interior design of the buildings. Marble is also categorized in a variety of ceramic tiles that are washable and also have a very high durability and it is an ideal option for the flooring of the rooms. Of course, this rock is very expensive, but it has a unique beauty. 

Faux wood has a completely similar design to wood and has a high durability and can be a great substitution to parquet. The process of maintaining this ceramic is also very simple and can be used in spaces such as reception rooms, private living rooms or bedroom.

Mosaic is one of the most popular types of tiles that its Decorative and beautiful types are used to cover the wall as well. It is also used for covering part of the bathroom wall or the space between the cabinets and the counter in kitchens.

We are here to guide you through all the options available to you and find the best match for your project.